Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pawn Shop and Jewelers in Oceanside News!

Gems N' Loans Searches for Diamonds!
As product manager for diamonds here at Gems N’ Loans Oceanside, I heartily approve of this counseling to the trade. It’s obvious to me that everyone in the jewelry trade must be increasingly on guard as technology makes product offerings ever more complicated. Here at Rio, we have a team of gemologists who are keenly attentive to new gemstone treatments and actively look for undisclosed synthetics being substituted for natural gemstones. We watch, because we know there are too many gem products being sold worldwide that are not properly represented. And we also carefully qualify our suppliers. We visit our suppliers to ensure we know who they are and how they operate their businesses. By having a close relationship with our suppliers and closely examining each and every receipt, we verify every gemstone we sell.

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